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AG Marshall answers Mirchandani

CARLOS ATWELL, ​[email protected]

AG Marshall answers Mirchandani

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Government is not being transparent on the compulsory acquisition of Liquidation Centre, charged Ravi Mirchandani yesterday, as he sought to clear the air on the matter.

However, Attorney General Dale Marshall rejected this, calling any such accusations “absurd”.

In the latest twist, Ravi, the son of Asha “Mrs Ram” Mirchandani, said his family was not stalling the process as was stated by Government but is simply seeking proper compensation for their property.

“They wrote us on October 3 saying they wanted possession by November 3 and we wrote back on October 23 asking for an interim payment and an extension until January 1. But they waited until November 15 to refuse the extension,” he said, accusing the Mia Mottley Administration of being unreasonable and unfair in its dealings with his family.

Mirchandani said this was not adequate time, adding they had been operating under the assumption the extension had been approved until the refusal came long after the deadline for relocation.