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BEEP: For a happy, healthy home


BEEP: For a happy, healthy home

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Two things are certain… Christmas day is December 25th and Bajan’s love a clean home for Christmas.

As far as holiday traditions go, cleaning or “pulling down the house” before Christmas is a close second to baking the ham.

It is hard to escape the desire to have a space that is fresh and clean as you head into to the new year. But who has the time? Between juggling demanding work schedules and seasonal social commitments, finding the time and motivation to clean is hard. If you do find the time, deciding where to start and the best products to use is an added challenge. Let’s face it, you have better things to do than clean.

Beep is here to help with a few tips to motivate and help you get you through the cleaning frenzy.

Why tidy up?

An untidy home is a source of stress and discomfort. Don’t let a dirty home keep you from entertaining and spending time with the people you love. By keeping your home clean and orderly, you’ll be more relaxed and inclined to invite people over.

A clean home is also good for your health. Literally.  During the holiday season our homes become high traffic areas making them a hub for germs. Keeping surfaces clean minimizes the spread of harmful allergens and bacteria.


Getting Started.

Make A List & Check It Twice – Write down what needs to be done around the home. Once you’ve made your list, break each item on that list into small activities. For example, “Clean The Bedroom” may include, change the sheets, put away laundry, sweep & mop the floors while “Clean The Kitchen” may include wiping out the microwave, cleaning the fridge and clearing the counters.

Set Small Goals

You don’t need to clean a room all at once. Dedicate 15 minutes to half an hour each day to tackling a specific cleaning activity on your list. Start with those areas which meet the eye. By dedicating a small consistent amount of time each day, you will have a clean home sooner than you think.

Make it easy-Relatives and close friends often offer to help tidy up after a visit. Make it easy to do so by keeping your Beep Disinfectant Spray, Beep Dishwashing Liquid and Beep Air Freshener on hand. Also keep a supply of garbage bags, clean dish cloths and sponges in a discrete, visible area so messes can be quickly addressed.

Choose the right products.

Products which do double duty deliver great value, in addition to leaving your dishes clean and sparkling, there are many other ways in which Beep Dishwashing Liquid and its family of products can help you keep your home clean.

Salmonella, E-coli, Influenza and Hepatitis are probably the furthest things from your mind at Christmas. Let’s keep it that way. Beep Disinfectant Spray is effective in killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  Spray it on non-porous surfaces like countertops (which are magnets for germs), door handles, fridge handles, remotes, fridge handles, toys, keyboards and the like.

Complement your space and your mood with an inviting fragrance. Your homes scent can communicate a sense of cleanliness and warmth.  Available in 12 fragrances across two tropically inspired collections be sure to keep a Beep Air Freshener throughout your home and in your washrooms and spray the room before and after guests.

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