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Men’s Wear for the Season

Katrina Francis-Worrell

Men’s Wear for the Season

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What do you get for the man who has it all? This is a question which many women strive to answer when shopping for that special male loved one in their life.

However, the answer might not be as difficult as you believe since there are some essentials which every man needs.

These essential items also make for great gifts, so here are some gift ideas exclusively for men, which you may want to consider this holiday season.



Most men love to smell good, and similarly, women also enjoy being in the presence of a nicely scented gentleman. So why not get him an exquisite fragrance to tantalise the senses? You can select an individual fragrance or go the whole nine yards and purchase a gift set which includes the extras like body lotion and shower gel.



cave-shepherd-men-3Does your guy love to be early for every event? Or is he known for being late? Either way, a watch can be a good choice for both of these personality types. Even if he already has a watch or two, you can choose a different colour strap or a different type of strap which matches a different set of items in his wardrobe. And if you don’t just want to get a watch alone, consider a watch set complete with a matching wallet.


Wallets and more

Speaking of wallets… men who carry wallets use them so frequently that within a couple years they become worn and need replacing. If you’re not sold on the utility of a watch and wallet set, how about a stylish and functional wallet, belt and key chain set? This three-piece combination will certainly keep him looking fine by giving him a place for his cash, plastic and keys. That way, he never has to worry about bulging uncomfortable pockets.


cave-shepherd-men-5Work Bag

Bags are not just for women. Working men like to have a place to easily hold their laptops, tablets, files or even a change of clothes depending on the field in which they work. Rather than having him tote an old school bag to the job daily, consider a sturdy leather bag which not only looks good, but works well to hold his load.



If you know his shoe size well, why not get him footwear? Most men like to have black dress shoes and brown dress shoes as staples in their wardrobe, so you might be able to get him a pair to start the new decade in style. Or, if he likes to go casual, a pair of slides, which are comfortable and versatile, might be greatly appreciated.


cave-shepherd-men-6Sports bags and gloves

Sports enthusiasts and gym lovers would never say no to gifts of this nature. But before you go choosing dumb-bells or kettlebells, you can easily get a pair of sports gloves, a water bottle, an equipment bag, sweat bands or even workout attire such as sweat pants, shorts and dry-fit shirts.


Boxers, Briefs, Vests and Handkerchiefs

Boxers or briefs? That’s really his choice, but if you know his preference why not get him a few more? Add a pack of vests, which are also worn under their clothing and you’ve got the foundation for a great gift idea. Then, top it off with handkerchiefs that he can match to his ties, suits or wear in contrast to his favourite shirt.



Gone are the days where men only wear plain black and dark blue socks to match their slacks. Today, men are opting for bold, bright, colourful socks to match their shirts or ties, or sometimes they simply want to stand out from the crowd. So this season, get him a funky pair of socks to add to or start your gent’s trendy sock collection.










This holiday season, Cave Shepherd has all these great gift ideas and more. Be sure to visit them in store and make your partner, father, son or brother the happiest man in the world with a gift that he is sure love. (KFW)