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Plastics ban still in effect


Plastics ban still in effect

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Members of the public and retailers are reminded that under the Control of Disposable Plastics Act 2019 that the sale and use of petroleum based single-use cups, cutlery, and Styrofoam containers used in the culinary retail industry are prohibited.

In addition, the use and offer for sale of plastic and Styrofoam egg trays are also prohibited under this Act.

They were banned with effect from July 1, 2019, when Government instituted a ban on all petro-based single-use plastics and polystyrene containers.

Under the legislation, items exempted are plastic bags expressly designed for waste disposal; plastic bags used for the preservation of food items; plastic bags or polystyrene containers for items for pharmaceutical dispensing or any other medical use; and plastic bags or plastic containers designed for the storage of agricultural products.

Trays made of polystyrene used in the packaging of fresh meat and plastic straws attached to tetra pack boxes are also not included in the ban. (BGIS)