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UPDATE: School closed after fatal shooting


UPDATE: School closed after fatal shooting

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St Alban’s Primary School is closed today after a man was shot and killed while dropping off his son.

A resident of the Weston, St James, community told Nation News she heard between five to seven shots this morning and then the screams of the children.

A call was quickly made to the police.

Acting inspector Rodney Inniss said they received the report around 8:10 a.m.

Meanwhile, the resident said when she went to the school, she saw a damaged car in the school gap, a woman outside the car screaming and a little boy was also crying for his “daddy”.

As more people came around, they followed the blood trail and found the man. Several people attempted to keep him alive until the emergency services arrived.

She said the community was in shock and many of the children were traumatised. (SAT)