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Cautionary and clean

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Cautionary and clean

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This year may not be seeing temperatures as chilly as last year, but the dip in temp is still there, which means it’s thriving time for the flu virus.

Cold and flu season comes around because the many viruses and bacteria have a gel-like coating that helps them thrive at lower temperatures and the slightly cool temperatures make for more physical interaction with others and ourselves.

Germs are everywhere. The whole world is covered in them. If an alien species were to look at Earth from a dominance in numbers platform, then bacteria is the dominant life form on our planet.

These pesky germs are all around us, schools, day care centres and our workplaces. But there’s hope, as there are some preventative measures that can be used to protect your home and your family against these viruses.

What’s the number one preventative cause for infections ever conceived? WASHING YOUR HANDS.

Ignaz Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician whose work demonstrated that hand-washing could drastically reduce the number of women dying after childbirth. People thought he was mad.

Today, the main reason viruses spread is due to contact—introverts, you can go ahead and rejoice in your reclusive safe zone.

It may seem paranoid to a lot of people that walk through this world touching this and that without a care in the world, but every time you touch something you are picking up and dropping off entire microcosms of filth, potentially ferrying harmful bacteria and viruses to every location on your list.

Everyone thinks the bathroom is the filthiest place because of what we do there. However, bathrooms are more regularly cleaned that most other areas of whatever place you’re in. Still, it only makes sense that after you’ve washed your hands to use a paper towel to touch whatever you need to in order to make a clean get away.

One of the filthiest things around your abode is the kitchen dish sponge. So, make sure to give that grubby little thing a nice spritz of something that kills 99.9 per cent of germs. Speaking of spritzing things down, simply wiping off a surface after a mess has occurred leaves behind a veritable menagerie of menacing miniature life.

It’s not good enough to just paper towel your problems away. You’ve got to apply something that can prevent whatever bacterial life is left behind from blooming out of control.

Think about all the things you’ve touched throughout the day. Keyboards, cell phones, office phones, money, counters, doorknobs, stair railings, cars, taps, computer mice, and most notably—YOUR FACE.

Think again about all those things you’ve touched and realise that you have no idea how many people also touched those things and didn’t wash their hands. Spray it all down, maybe have some antibacterial wipes at the ready just for good measure.

If you keep your world a little cleaner then you drastically slash the potential for you to fall victim to this year’s cold and flu season.