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Thief back in court for shoplifting

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, ​[email protected]

Thief back in court for shoplifting

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The elderly thief who became infamous when he was jailed for a year for stealing a $6.99 nail clipper was back in court again yesterday on yet another shoplifting charge.

This time, Farley Nigel Smith narrowly escaped six weeks in prison as his six-month bond had expired by about a week.

Smith, 64, of Denny Road, Halls Village, St James, was in the District “A” Magistrates’  Court, where he pleaded guilty to stealing two bottles of Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil tablets and a box of Panadol from Woolworth on February 17.

He was caught after security officers in the store kept him under surveillance and saw him remove the items and place them in a bag.

Yesterday, when his record was checked, the court realised that a six-month bond that had been imposed in August last year had expired eight days ago.

This time Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant imposed an 18-month bond on the shoplifter.

If Smith breaches it, he will either have to pay $2 000 forthwith or spend six months in prison.

Smith was jailed for a year for stealing a $6.99 toenail clip from Massy Supermarket on January 16, 2019.

The sentence caused a stir on social media and Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim appealed it as being excessive. The Court of Appeal agreed with the attorney and quashed the sentence.

Smith returned to the same court in August that same year and confessed that he stole a pack of Hybrid 4 Flex blades, worth $24, from Beautilicious on August 8.

For that offence, he was placed on a bond for six months, which carried an alternative of $750 forthwith or six weeks in prison. (HLE)