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Motorcycles stolen from General Post Office


Motorcycles stolen from General Post Office

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Postal workers at the General Post Office staged a brief protest this morning after discovering five motor bikes were stolen from The City compound overnight.

The bikes are the property of the post officers and they will have to foot the bill.

Nicole Moore was one of those who lost a bike in the theft. She said when she arrived at work around 7:30 a.m., she was told by the guard that the bikes were missing.

“Apparently they cut the bars from the gate over there,” she said, referring to the area where the motorcycles are stored.

“We are very upset about the issue because at the end of the day, we have to pull our pockets to buy back bikes to do our duties. It is not going to be easy,” Moore added.

The bikes, which are insured, range in age and cost from $5 500 and up.

Moore said they were “very, very hurt” and they would have to walk the routes.

Meanwhile, acting postmaster general Valeta Best said she would have to meet with security to get a report and wait on the police investigations. (SAT)

The area at the General Post Office where motorcycles are kept overnight was broken into and five bikes were stolen.