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Parliament moving to Worthing


Parliament moving to Worthing

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The Parliament of Barbados will be operating from a new home on Monday.

Debate on the estimates of expenditure will be held at the Worthing Corporate Centre, Worthing, Christ Church, the former home of Resolution Life.

Clerk of Parliament, Pedro Eastmond, said the office of the Leader of the Opposition, Bishop Joseph Atherley, will also be relocated, but the telephone numbers will remain the same.

The Estimates are the schedule to the Appropriation Bill (Budget) and give a breakdown of Government’s expenditure and revenue proposals for spending during the coming financial year (2020 to 2021) which starts on April 1.

Traditionally, they were debated for five days and then the Appropriation Bill was passed, but last year, Ministers and their technicians were called into The Well of Parliament and questioned for about two weeks.

When the debate begins on Monday, the structure will mirror that process started last year in The Well.

Member of Parliament for St Philip North, Dr Sonia Browne, was away from her seat for about six weeks and said it was “partly due to the environment” there.

The move should be for about four months to facilitate a thorough cleaning of the Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown, says Eastmond. (PR/SAT)