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Guyana celebrates 50 years as a Republic


Guyana celebrates 50 years as a Republic

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GEORGETOWN – President David Granger has expressed satisfaction with the country’s progress as Guyana yesterday celebrated its 50th anniversary as a Republic.

In an address to the nation, Granger said Guyanese were proud of the strides made by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member state.

“There is satisfaction over the nation’s progress over the past 50 years and expectation over the prospects for the future.”

The President noted that the 50th Republic anniversary is an exciting and encouraging time for Guyanese who can look forward to a higher quality of life.

He said the anniversary also marks the dawn of the “Decade of Development: 2020-2029”.

He noted that among the initiatives of his decade of development plan are the provision of tuition-free education for eligible students at the University of Guyana, energy security, economic growth, constitutional reform and governance, the empowerment of youth and women, widespread infrastructural development and deepening of international relations as well as development for the indigenous people.

“We live in a country that is enjoying high levels of growth and human development and with accountable government and greater equality. Ours is one in which everyone will be able to enjoy equality before the law, education that is free, employment that is satisfying and an environment that is safe and healthy.”

He added that Statehood represented a substantive “fulfilment of our people’s aspirations to chart their own destiny by refashioning their social and economic relations, introducing new national institutions, affirming sovereignty and advancing towards the goal of self-reliance”.