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Government pharmacies to close for stocktaking


Government pharmacies to close for stocktaking

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Pharmacies located in polyclinics and outpatient clinics operating under the aegis of the Barbados Drug Service will be closed for one day to facilitate stocktaking during March.

The pharmacies are as follows:

March 2 – The St Joseph Outpatient Clinic

March 3 – The Ladymeade Reference Unit and the St Andrew Outpatients’ Clinic

March 4 – Psychiatric Hospital

March 5 – The David Thompson Health and Social Services Complex

March 10 – The St Philip Polyclinic

March 12 – The Winston Scott Polyclinic

March 13 – Pharmacy at the Eunice Gibson

March 16 – St Thomas Outpatients Clinic

March 17 – Maurice Byer Polyclinic

March 18 – Brandford Taitt Polyclinic

March 19 – Randal Phillips Polyclinic

March 20 – Glebe Polyclinic

The Barbados Drug Service has assured the public that provision will be made to handle emergency requests during the stocktaking exercise.

All other polyclinic services will remain open, according to the normal schedule. (BGIS)