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Minnis wants answers


Minnis wants answers

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NASSAU – The leader of the main opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Phillip Davis has dismissed a call by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis for the opposition party to issue a “detailed statement” on its involvement with the United States-based wealthy fashion mogul Peter Nygard amid allegations that he used the Bahamas to groom and entice underage girls and women.

Davis told reporters that the call by Minnis was nothing more than “sad and painful” distraction from his government’s failures since coming to power in 2017.

“For a prime minister who commands a huge parliamentary majority to advance any policy or piece of legislation he wishes and whose government has borrowed billions of dollars in three short years, it was sad and quite frankly painful to see him struggle as he used one distraction after another to deflect the nation from his failed administration,” Davis said in a statement.

“The issue is not Peter Nygard or the PLP – the issue is this abject failure of this FNM administration led by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis,” he added.

Minnis told a public meeting of his ruling Free National Movement (FNM) earlier this week that the “country is still waiting to hear a clear, detailed statement on this matter from the PLP”.

“Their answers so far have been all mixed up and very confusing, but the Bahamian people deserve answers. These allegations are too serious for the PLP’s usual spin doctors,” Minnis added.

US federal agents on Tuesday raided offices at Nygard’s fashion company as they continue their investigations into allegations of sex-trafficking.

A New York judge has granted a request by Nygard’s lawyers for a pre-motion conference before they file a motion to dismiss a lawsuit that accuses their client of raping ten women. The meeting is scheduled for March 5. (CMC)