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Further delay in Guyana election results


Further delay in Guyana election results

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GEORGETOWN – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Tuesday blamed a number of factors, including inclement weather in one of the regions, for a further delay in announcing the complete preliminary results of Monday’s regional and general elections.

But despite the setbacks, GECOM chair, retired Justice Claudette Singh, told reporters “our elections, were as promised, GECOM has delivered free and fair and credible elections”, adding “we had a very well run elections despite all the naysayers and the many rough areas which we had to ensure to get here at this point in time.

“I will ask you to be very patient . . . the results are trickling in  and the process of verification is being conducted,” she said promising to have the reults announced “as early as possible . . . we are still verifying and singing off”.

 Chief elections officer, (CEO), Keith Lowenfield, told a news conference that the process of bringing closure to the receipt of all the statements of poll (SOP) “from all across Guyana, particularly in the far flung areas” was continuing and hinted at the official results being released by Wednesday.

 “Once those statements are received, the arrows will ensure the verification process continues to ensure publicly the results of all of those stations are known to all and sundry and at its conclusions those declarations will be made and no doubt as the aircraft returns to the city the statements will be delivered.

“So this is where we are as at 12.25 hours on E plus One (Election Day plus one). We are moving as I said to ensure that all those administrative processes and the need to have all the agents from the respective parties, all the observers in the districts and the media involved in those verification and the declaration”.

Lowenfield said that as far as the “official results by GECOM today that will not be possible.

“Today I expect that the declaration of all the arrows within their districts will be done. So my expectation, or the Commission’s expectation is that today on E plus One, the returning officers notwithstanding the geography of their respective districts will be competing their verifications as I said and move to declare their results today.

“Once those declarations are made in the districts, the law provides for a period of until noon of the following day for a period of recounts. Once those recounts are completed, if there are any material errors derived or arrived at from those recounts, the arrows are required by law to ensure the adjustments are made and a second declaration as it were is made to the CEO before he pieces together all the declared results of the arrows from (regions) one to 10.

Lowenfield said he then does a summation of those results “that ends up . . . as the final and official results of elections 2020.