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Thieves hit Westbury’s beautification project

ANTOINETTE CONNELL, [email protected]

Thieves hit Westbury’s beautification project

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Do-gooders at the Westbury Primary School are appealing to crooks to leave their beautification projects alone after a third strike.

The thieves have left those at the school close
to tears after making off with the latest haul
of six golden palms.

Five days after principal Rosalind Gittens, the janitors and security guards planted the golden palms they bought for the school, they found them gone on Monday.

It is the third time since June last year that the crooks have struck in the garden of the primary school opposite the St Leonard’s Anglican Church
in Westbury Road, St Michael.

“It is really distressing how we are trying to build the school up and people in the community are pulling it down. I would like to ask those out there to stop,” stated Gittens.

In June last year the school planted lettuce, Chinese cabbage and red onions but crooks scaled the wall and made off with them. Then in August when the staff attempted to grow a hedge, thieves swiped the entire thing.

Undeterred, staff at the school attempted one more planting effort last Wednesday with the golden palms, following on from the pupils who planted palms on Tuesday in the churchyard.

“I don’t know why they would steal them. When they stole the lettuce seedlings we said maybe they want to start their own farm. But is it spite? I can’t fathom why. We had all those pictures to upload
but it makes no sense now,” Gittens said.

The disheartened principal was undecided whether they would be planting any other trees since they are expensive and it was coming out
of pockets of workers. (AC)