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Low water pressure in parts of St Lucy and St Peter


Low water pressure in parts of St Lucy and St Peter

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Customers in parts of St Lucy and St Peter may experience low water pressure or outages as the island continues to experience drought, says the Barbados Water Authority (BWA).

Water levels at some of the reservoirs are said to be reading lower than normal and this will affect customers supplied by those areas.

In St Lucy: Durham’s, Jemmott’s, Chance Hill, Mount View, Glendolough Road, Josey Hill, Peterses, Rock Hall, Lamberts, Mount Gay, Oxford, Church Hill, Luke Hill, Alexandria, Cave Hill, Graveyard Rd, Air View Road and surrounding areas.

In St Peter: Collins Tenantry, Date Tree Hill, The Baltic, The Risk, Boscobelle and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, the emergency connection to the 10-inch main at Lodge Hill was completed and is back online. Residents and businesses in parts of St Michael would have been affected, but water is now moving into the Shop Hill Distribution System. Customers in the affected areas are asked to note that it will take some time for the water level to return to normal.

Water tankers will continue to service the affected the areas and the BWA apologises for any inconvenience by these disruptions in service.  (PR/SAT)