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Mottley, media discuss COVID-19

Kendy Graham, [email protected]

Mottley, media discuss COVID-19

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Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, four members of Cabinet and senior health officials met with senior personnel from several media organisations this morning to discuss the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

The meeting took place in the Cabinet Room at Government Headquarters, Bay Street, St Michael, where Mottley advised the public not to panic.

She said people should be measured, prudent and take care of the most vulnerable.

Mottley said the key is the capacity to contain and provide appropriate health care to those in need.

As of this morning, there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Barbados. There were eight suspected cases and all tested negative.

Since January 26, 159 people received targeted screening at the ports up to March 10. Of this number,  34 finished 14 days in quarantine, 42 people are currently in home quarantine and eight people were targeted for screening at ports on March 10.

There are stages of implementation ranging from zero to three. Currently, Barbados is at Stage Zero, which means:

• Enhanced disease surveillance

• Sensitisation of the public

• Training of HCPs (Health care professionals)

• Activation of EDC (electronic data capture).