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Drug Service stockpiling six-month supply


Drug Service stockpiling six-month supply

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Government has ordered the Barbados Drug Service (BDS) to stockpile a six-month supply of pharmaceuticals in preparation for any fall-out that might occur as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Director of the BDS, Maryam Hinds, met on Wednesday with pharmaceutical suppliers to discuss the acquisition of the pharmaceuticals and to make arrangements for storage.

She also disclosed that assistance was being sought from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in establishing contacts with overseas suppliers of the necessary drugs, which will include those for non-communicable diseases and HIV.

Hinds revealed that as a case of COVID-19 in Barbados becomes imminent, it was also being proposed that patients be provided with supplies of medication for extended periods, as well as that the grace periods for repeat medication be extended. (BGIS)