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SSA workers back on the job


SSA workers back on the job

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Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) workers are back on the job, but discussions continue on the issues which caused them to down tools this morning.

National Union of Public Workers assistant general secretary, Wayne Walrond, said negotiations would be held at the nearby head office at the National Petroleum Corporation.

Among the concerns raised were protective gear and equipment for COVID-19, the revival of the Health and Safety Committee, a medical plan, a hazard allowance and a pay increase.

Walrond said the workers would have been advised to take the usual precautions and protective measures, and those for influenza in the case of the coronavirus.

“So we would emphasise the need for management to have the necessary sanitary facilities in place to ensure that outside even the coronavirus that we are ensuring the safety and health standards to protect the workers,” he said.

However, one SSA worker who declined to be named, said they were the first people who should have been issued with hand sanitiser.

“They wait until all run out and then claiming dem ain’t got none,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of the Environment Trevor Prescod said the meeting was cordial and they would immediately put protocols in place. He said they would continue to sensitise the workers, especially those who were not there. 

Dr Karen Broome of the Ministry of Health was called in to educate those who were present.  (SAT)