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COVID-19 Management and Response Plans by Stage


COVID-19 Management and Response Plans by Stage

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The following was issued via the Barbados Government Information Service.

Barbados is currently in Stage 1 after the island recorded the first two cases of COVID-19 earlier today.

General Preparedness: This is the response to anticipation of a pandemic period.

Stage 0:           No COVID-19 cases have been detected in Barbados.


Stage 1:           Isolated case of COVID-19 detected in Barbados


Stage 2:           Confirmed human-to-human spread of COVID-19 in Barbados.  


Stage 3:           Large clusters of COVID-19 human to human spread.


Threat Levels

Minimal Threat:                

Confirmed international cases localised to one country/region

Considerable Threat:     

Confirmed international cases detected in more than one country or in a country with extensive travel/ trade links with Barbados

Substantial Threat:         

Confirmed regional cases

Present Threat:                 

Confirmed local case(s), which is equivalent to Phase 1, 2 and 3