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Four pumping stations offline


Four pumping stations offline

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Thousands of people across the northern, eastern and central parts of Barbados may be without water.

The Barbados Water Authority announced the closure of several pumping stations due to low levels.

Half Acre, Applewhaites, Bowmanston and Golden Ridge are offline and residents in the catchment areas may experience low pressure or water outages.

The affected areas include:

St Lucy: Durhams, Jemmotts, Chance Hall, Mount View, Glendolough Road, Josey Hill , Peterses, Rock Hall, Lamberts, Mount Gay, Oxford, Church Hill, Luke Hill, Alexandria, Cave Hill, Graveyard Road, Air View Road and surrounding districts.

St Peter: Collins Tenantry, Date Tree Hill, The Baltic, The Risk, Boscobelle and surrounding areas.

St George: Cottage Grove, Market Hill, Bridge Cot, St Helens, Jericho, Bournes Village, Flat Rock, Locust Hall and surrounding districts.

St John: Cheshire, Eastmont, Small Hope, Moores Land, Carters, Gall Hill, Clifton Hall, Church View, Newcastle, Martins Bay, Zores Land, Pothouse, Glebe, Colleton, Cliff Cottage, Haynes Hill, Colleton Gardens, Coach Hill, Bath Land, Welch Village, Sargeant Street, Society, Massiah Street, Rose Gate, Guinea Land, Stewart Hill, Pool Land, Spooners, Wakefield Tenantry, Lemon Arbor, Cherry Grove, Four Roads, Sherbourne, Todds Tenantry, Macaroni Village, Henley and surrounding areas.

St Joseph: Andrews Tenantry, Parris Hill, Blackmans, Coffee Gully, Branchbury, Surinam, Horse Hill, Tourville, Bonwell, Orange Grove, Bowling Alley, Vaughns Road 1&2, Vaughn’s Church village, Hortons, Easy Hall, Bruce Vale, Baxters, Fruitful Hill, Dark Hole, Coconut Grove, Upper & Lower Parks, Spa Hill, Mellows, St Bernard’s Village, Chimborazo, Sugar Hill, Braggs Hill, Lammings, Airy Hill and surrounding districts.

St Andrew: Apes Hill, Farmers, Hillaby, Church Gap, Turners Hall, White Hill and surrounding areas.

St Thomas: Dunscombe, Spring Farm, Porey Spring, Content Tenantry, Lower & Upper Canefield, Airy Cot, Sturges, Welchman Hall, Highland Lion Castle, Endeavour, Clifton Hill, Walkes Spring, Clifton Tenantry, Strong Hope, Carrington Village, Bloomsbury, Chapman Village, Friendship, Cane Garden and surrounding districts. (PR/SAT)