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Rogers: Don’t put anyone in danger

ANTOINETTE CONNELL, [email protected]

Rogers: Don’t put anyone in danger

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Anglican priest Reverend John Rogers called on other religious leaders to exercise reason and not put anyone in danger as the cases of COVID-19 rise.

Yesterday he gave the advice as the Senate debated the Emergency Management (Amendment) Bill 2020. He said that COVID-19, a strain of the novel coronavirus, has caused all to recognise the common bond of humanity as it was not affecting persons of a particular religion and that should cause us to recognise God’s sovereignty.

“But from this place I wish to call on all religious leaders and all religions to exercise reason at this time. [And] that if we love the God we serve so much and we love His people so much anything that would put one of our people in danger we ought to resist,” Senator Rogers said.

The Senate was amending the law to allow Government to shut down businesses in the country and implement a curfew from 8 p.m. today.

Religion, he said, is a stabilising and balancing force, so when society is in crisis or distress

it is expected that religion will rise to quell the fears of persons, but that does not mean it should be a case of testing God.

“Having faith does not mean tempting fate. It does not mean putting God to the test,” he cautioned.

He said Lent is the season of temptation as recorded in Gospel of St Luke, where Satan encourages Jesus to throw himself down from mountain because God had said He would give His angel charge over the Lord. But the response of Jesus was that it is written that you should not put God to the test.

“Separation from our place of worship does not mean separation from our God,” Rogers said.

He cited Indian philosopher Ramakrishna, who practised all religions and found the same god towards who all of us direct our thoughts and we just follow Him by different path. He urged Barbadians to pull some good out of all that has happened and allow it to lead to deeper spiritual introspections. (AC)