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Networks can handle increased traffic

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Networks can handle increased traffic

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Management of the two major telecommunication companies in Barbados are giving assurances they have the Internet capacity to accommodate the large number of employees and students who have migrated from business to home networks.

As part of COVID-19 safety measures, the majority of businesses in Barbados are allowing employees to operate remotely from home. This, coupled with overall closure of schools and businesses, means that more and more people are logging onto the World Wide Web from home.

And while Flow Barbados and Digicel Barbados confirmed increased traffic, they say they had the capacity and connectivity to deal with it.

Marilyn Sealy, Flow’s senior manager, communications, Southern Cluster, said: “We have the capacity and protocols in place to handle the increased traffic. We also know the products and services we deliver are absolutely essential, so we are constantly evaluating the performance of our networks. We have already optimised both the fixed and mobile networks to ensure we can continue to provide our customers with the best quality service,” she added.

Janelle Germain, head of marketing at Digicel Barbados, noted: “Digicel’s fibre to home network . . . has sufficient capacity to accommodate the increase in traffic driven by the current situation . . . .

“With many of our customers working or studying from home, they can rely on Digicel’s service.”  (MB)