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Electoral body cleared to proceed with recount of March 2 elections


Electoral body cleared to proceed with recount of March 2 elections

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GEORGETOWN, – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has been cleared to proceed with the recount of the March 2 general elections.

 The ruling was handed down on Sunday by the Guyana Court of Appeal which stated that GECOM cannot hand over its responsibilities, including the management and supervision of the elections to any other body.

The Court feels that by having any outside entity overlooking the recount, it would be a case of GECOM allowing the outsourcing of its constitutional responsibilities.

The final orders of the Court will be handed down on Monday. 

The Counsel for private citizen and APNU+AFC Candidate Ulita Moore  – Senior Counsel Roysdale Forde requested time from the Court to submit a letter regarding the one section of the appeal that will be allowed, which speaks to the High Court being allowed to hear the case about CARICOM’s role to supervise or overlook the recount.

On Friday, the Guyana Elections Commission decided that it will go ahead with a recount of the votes beginning with Region 1 and making its way to Region 10.

But Commission had made it clear that no recount would have started before Sunday’s Court ruling. 

With the Court not blocking the recount, it will now be up to GECOM to decide on the timeline and other systems for the recount. (CMC)