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Bajans being encouraged to clap for more workers

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Bajans being encouraged to clap for more workers

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When Clap Barbados resumes Wednesday at a different time, more essential workers will be at the receiving end of the praise.

Organiser of the “thank-you” project, Sally Clarke, said in addition to health care workers, members of the Barbados Defence Force, the Royal Barbados Police Force, and the Customs and Excise Department will also be applauded for their efforts during this time as the country fights against the coronavirus.

Last Wednesday at 8 p.m. many Barbadians, including Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, clapped, beat bottles and blew whistles in support of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, radiographers, orderlies, lab technicians and maids at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

And the next time it takes place, the celebration will occur two hours earlier, so that more people can participate.

“We had lots of support and I would like to thank everyone who showed the front line workers how much we do care. And since a lot of the patients in the hospital wanted to join in the clap and the 8 p.m. was a little late, we’ve changed it to 6 p.m. so people can come out their front doors, clap, blow whistles and show their appreciation,” Clarke added.

Clarke, who has been living in Barbados for 30 years, said the project was inspired by a similar movement in the United Kingdom, where thousands applauded National Health Service workers and broadcast it on social media.

“I saw the videos and I felt very overwhelmed and I decided to do it here,” she said.

And with the help of friends Ronnie Beard, and Derrick Waithe, she said they’ve been able to generate lots of interest in the project using the #BimApplause. (TG)