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Sobers Lane resident calls for help

KENDY GRAHAM, [email protected]

Sobers Lane resident calls for help

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Sobers Lane resident Angela Walrond was awakened by a loud noise this morning and, while it wasn’t the thunder she initially thought, it was one of her fears realised.

A tree, for which Walrond said she had complained “day and night”, had fallen and struck her home.

In a passionate plea, the St Michael resident asked Government for help and called for Parliamentary representative for the area Jeffrey Bostic to come and see what is happening in the densely populated area.

Walrond told Nation News: “I was sleeping and I hear this commotion. I thought it was the thunder and lightning. When I catch myself. I had to grab onto my husband and when I hold him tight, he said ‘hold ya brakes, hold ya brakes’. Then I hear whoosh and everything tumble down. When I come out it was this tree.

“I complained for this tree day and night. About 6 o’clock this thing happen. I don’t know who this land belong to . . .  Then when I come out and look, all of my house lick up.”

Pointing to a dilapidated building next to her home, Walrond continued: “Then this building next door here is the next thing that gine fall. I complain for this here thousands of times to the . . . church . . . . I don’t know when this half here gine fall . . . . So I am asking for help.

“This is more than I can handle. I don’t work nowhere. I don’t have nothing insured. Nobody in my house isn’t working. I need help, Government, help me. Bostic I talking to you too. I need help from you Bostic to come and see what going on here with this place and with Sobers Lane.

The fallen tree also damaged power lines and made the road impassable. (KG)













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