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Port reminder: Consignees with personal effects


Port reminder: Consignees with personal effects

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Barbados Port Inc. is reminding consignees with personal effects at the Port of Bridgetown that they are required to utilise the new Home Delivery System and will not be allowed entry into the Port for collection of shipments.

These new guidelines are part of measures implemented by Government to limit the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Some businesses are reopening tomorrow, May 4.

A statement today outlined the new conditions as follows:

“Barbados Port Inc., in collaboration with the Customs & Excise Department, authorised local freight forwarders (consolidators) and truckers, will be offering a full home delivery service for all personal effects, effective Monday, May 4, 2020. Consignees should not come to the Port.

“These arrangements will remain in place for the next two weeks to allow for the safe clearance of cargo backlog, without large numbers in Port. The protocol will then be reviewed to gradually allow limited self-service clearance by appointment only. 

Consignees have the option of working with an:

• Authorised freight forwarder

• Authorised trucker

If you elect to work with a trucker when contacted by your freight forwarder about your cargo, you will be required to contact the trucker of your choice.

How it Works

The Freight Forwarder or Trucker will:

 Manage all relevant documents 

• Arrange for signature of customs declaration by you

• Facilitate processing of the documents through ASYCUDA World

• Make arrangements for the processing of all monies (electronic or cash payments) due by you

• Confirm with you payments due either on delivery or through pre-payment

• Pay all associated fees and duties owed to Customs and the Port on your behalf

• Collect your cargo from Shed

• Deliver your cargo to you

Where cargo has been flagged for inspection by Customs, the shipment may be examined on your behalf by the freight forwarder or trucker, or you may be required to be present in person at the Bridgetown Port for interview. You will be advised by the freight forwarder or trucker.

Unless requested to be present at an inspection, you will not be allowed to enter the Port.

Customers presenting at the Port of Bridgetown to conduct business are reminded that strict health and safety and social distancing protocols must be observed. All visitors are required to wear face masks, utilise sanitisation stations and follow the directives of security personnel.

Please call 434-6101 for further assistance. (PR)