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ABC system not for beach, says COVID czar


ABC system not for beach, says COVID czar

The alphabet system does not apply to the beach.

The clarification has come from COVID-19 czar Richard Carter after a lawman, on patrol at a St James beach, suggested the lettering system also related to those house-bound Bajans who flocked to the beaches on Monday.

“I find that people still believe that there’s no lettering,” the officer told a NATION team. “You’ve got to put that out there so people can understand that they’re still dealing with lettering.”

He added it was something that required more clarity and advised beach-goers to walk with some form of identification even when going to beaches.

But Carter stressed the lettering system did not apply to the beach.

“There is no requirement to follow the alphabet system going to the beach.

“The alphabet system relates to retail shopping and banking and the other things it applied to before. So [there is] no requirement to observe the alphabet system either going to the beach or exercising,” he said.

It was on Monday that Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes reminded Barbadians that even though restrictions had been eased, a curfew was still in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“You know, Bajans were driving ’round [Monday] because they heard the curfew is 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.,” he had said.

“But if your letter is not called, if you are not running a sick relative to the hospital urgently, you have no reason to be on the road.

“You are not allowed to be on the road period unless it is your time. You are allowed to be out if it is your day. But Bajans can’t get up, as they did this morning, and get in their cars and decide they are going to drive ’bout because I got up to 8 o’clock to get off the road. That is not how it is working,” Weekes said. (HLE)

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