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Roman Catholic churches to reopen on June 13


Roman Catholic churches to reopen on June 13

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Roman Catholic churches are set to reopen on June 13 with a reminder that protocols outlined by Government and the Diocese must be followed.

This is after being closed for almost three months as part of measures to limit spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A statement from the Diocese noted that churches were closed on March 19 when Barbados recorded its first cases of COVID-19.

Fr Andy Nyga, Co-Delegate of Apostolic Administrator Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon, said the Church was reopening with “great joy but also with the awareness that it will not be Mass as usual”.

“We want people to be safe, and we want our churches to reopen and stay open. So, we are making sure that people know the ground rules set by the Government and the Diocese,” Fr Andy added.

The statement said that in a video message to the Diocese, Archbishop Gordon asked people to show patience with the many protocols and the limited church space available. “It will take us a little while to get this thing settled and to learn this new normal,” the Archbishop said.

People wanting to attend Mass are asked to contact their parish office for further information.

The reopening of Roman Catholic churches this weekend coincides with the major Christian celebration of Corpus Christi – the Body and Blood of Christ.

Some churches reopened last week and utilised physical distancing and sanitising of hands at the door as some of the measures to guard against COVID-19. (PR)