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UPDATE: Nation photographer attacked and killed


UPDATE: Nation photographer attacked and killed

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Two men were brutally slain today while in the line of duty. 

One man was 25-year-old Nation photojournalist Christoff Griffith (below), who was responding to a report of a body in Bishop’s Court, St Michael.

Police reported the other body to be that of Glenroy James, of Grazettes, St Michael, who was contracted by the Anglican Diocese to carry out excavation work in the area. christoff-griffith-1

Police public relations officer Inspector Rodney Inniss said they received the report around 11 a.m. from other contracted workers who had previously come across James’ body.

“We received a report from workers from A&B Maintenance, who were in the area doing some planned excavation. They reported they had come across a body. Upon investigating, the officers confirmed this but also came across a second body,” he said.

Griffith had arrived on the scene before the police and was attacked and killed after going on the compound.

As news spread, many members of the journalism fraternity, both former and current, arrived on the scene in support, many with tears in their eyes.

Inniss said there is a person of interest assisting police with their investigation. (CA)