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In tribute to Christoff


In tribute to Christoff


AMIDST THE SHOCK AND TEARS following the untimely death of NATION photographer Christoff Griffith on June 22, several of his colleagues – both at the NATION and in the media fraternity – fondly remembered him.

The following are some of the tributes:

• Noel R. Wood, Nation Group CEO (Ag): The mere thought that one of our own, young photojournalist Christoff Griffith, was killed so tragically while on assignment is beyond belief, even though we are all aware of the risk to our journalists and photographers as they go after the news.

We are saddened that we have lost such a young, bright spark, who was an asset to this organisation. While we mourn his loss, let us also remember the light that shone when he was among us.

I want us to keep Christoff’s family, his mother Sonia, a former employee of The Nation Publishing Co. Limited, his father Chris, his two brothers and his immediate relatives in our prayers.

• NATION Executive Editor Carol Martindale: This young photojournalist was someone with a zest for life, one who took pride in his work, especially when he captured a great photograph. He was always eager to learn and his strength lay in his feature photographs, which were usually published in Easy Magazine.

Christoff was never disrespectful, even when he was standing firm on a point. He listened, took guidance and at the end of it all was still able to flash his trademark smile. I actually have never seen Christoff get angry, lose his cool, or even get into a quarrel while on the job.

He was truly a decent young man, a young spark, and definitely an asset to the Nation’s newsroom where he worked from 2014. He will surely be missed by us all.

Condolences to his family.

• NATION News Editor Antoinette Connell: Christoff set off for his last assignment yesterday with the same confident approach he had on any other day. He made a quick call to the News Editor to inquire which reporter would be accompanying him and, if none was available, how he would approach it.

The baby-faced young man who came into the NATION’s newsroom in 2014, in a few short years grew into a confident photographer capable of empathising with the people he met in the course of his duties.

As he grew, Christoff recognised the importance of his job and the impact he could have on the lives of those who were the focus of his assignments. He made sure to be professional while on the job.

On the personal side, he was sometimes playful in his approach but never disrespectful, a trait for which many often commended him.

When things went wrong, depending on who was at fault, Christoff took the criticism in stride or respectfully stood his ground in such a way that one had to relent.

• NATION Associate Editor Maria Bradshaw: Christoff was a quiet, unassuming and respectful young man who took pride in his photography. He found his niche doing photography in entertainment and features, mainly because he was a nocturnal being. We at the NATION knew not to rely on him during the morning period because, most likely, he was asleep. 

He was a very humble person who preferred to remain in the background most times. He was never one to rush to a scene and that is why his death is so shocking to those of us who knew him. He will definitely be missed.