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BWU, Preconco continue talks


BWU, Preconco continue talks

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Discussions between Preconco Limited and the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) about wage cuts continued today. 

Deputy general secretary of the BWU Dwaine Paul met with Preconco’s operations manager Joshua Read to continue their negotiations.

This meeting comes after line staff at Preconco threatened industrial action earlier this month if monies cut from their wages over the six weeks prior were not returned to them.

Labourers were fuming after the remuneration of the lowest paid employees (yellow hats) was reduced by five per cent and supervisors (white hats) by ten per cent.

They said they did not consent to the deduction in which mangers were also to be affected by a 25 per cent cut.

However, the company said it had done nothing unlawful in cutting their pay, as it was merely a “response to financial uncertainty” due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

When contacted at that time, Read confirmed the pay cuts had been made across the board and they would be reviewed at the end of July. (TG)