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Sir Everton the ‘genuine article’


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The following is a tribute to Barbados and West Indies cricket legend Sir Everton Weekes by Leader of the Opposition, Bishop Joseph Atherley. Sir Everton passed away on July 1 at age 95.

“There are representations of that which is the ultimate ideal of the Barbadian.

“Sir Everton Weekes was one such manifestation. He was the genuine embodiment of human grace, good naturedness and generosity of spirit.

“Many find it a challenge to wear simultaneously the robes of popularly acknowledged achievement, while walking in the shoes of humility. Sir Everton Weekes was unbothered by any such challenge. Those who are at home with the regal and mighty and are equally at comfort with the unhailed and lowly are few to be found.

“Sir Everton was one of those few, and his sad passing is not only a loss to the cricketing fraternity and the Empire family, but to the entire canvass of Barbadian humanity. My personal exchanges with him, though always brief, were ever warm, pleasant and uplifting. My distant observations of his demeanour and disposition in the company of and in conversation with others, often at the Mecca, always suggested that here was the genuine article.

“On behalf of the Parliamentary Opposition, The Peoples Party for Democracy and Development, my family and myself I offer sincere condolences to his sorrowing loved ones and the Barbados and Empire cricketing community. May his rest be peaceful.” (PR)