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Dumpers traced


Dumpers traced

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On Wednesday evening, two young men who were caught dumping illegally near the Hilton Hotel cleared the spot of the coconut shells which had been tossed there earlier.

Anthony Brathwaite 29, and 21-year-old Ross Corbin, whose parents owned the vehicle seen in the now viral video, were tracked by the Sanitation Service Authority via the vehicle number.

Earlier in the day, a woman recorded Brathwaite tossing the coconut shells on an illegal dump.  

Public relations officer of the Sanitation Service Authority, Carl “Alff” Padmore, told both men they had to do better as Corbin’s parents listened.

“This is our country and we cannot be doing this at all to our country. There has to be a better way,” Padmore told the pair while standing next to the dump.

“So when you discard of your coconut shells like that, they get in water, mosquitoes and then we have dengue. These things can easily make their way into the ocean as well and we have the habitat out there.”

Brathwaite apologised to the woman who filmed the video.

Padmore said they were not aware of the dump prior to the circulation of the video and arrangements were being made for the National Conservation Commission to clean the remaining garbage.

Police are investigating the matter. (SAT)








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