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Final warning from COVID-19 Czar


Final warning from COVID-19 Czar

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COVID-19 Czar Richard Carter sent a strong warning that from tomorrow those who do not comply with the protocols will be punished.

He said that in addition to following protocols outlined by Government, Barbadians should be guided by “common sense” in terms of safeguarding their health.

Carter said individuals and businesses had lapsed in maintaining protocols, especially in relation to wearing of face masks, physical distancing and hand-sanitising.

He especially expressed annoyance at the behaviour of some people attending social and entertainment events over the weekend and said that businesses which do not ensure that protocols are observed, will be penalised.

Speaking on CBC TV 8 today, Carter also read from a prepared text in order, he said, to make it clear so everyone would understand without misinterpretation.

He said the protocols laid out by Government are easily accessible on the website of the Barbados Government Information Service.

“This message is clear and from the Cabinet of Barbados. This is an absolute and final warning.”

From tomorrow, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other places of entertainment that fail to observe the protocols will be closed, he said, adding that no one should be partying without a face mask.

Public transport vehicles which fail to observe protocols for the wearing of face masks by drivers, conductors and passengers will be pulled off the road, the czar said.

Additionally, supermarkets, shops and vendors in public markets selling fruits, vegetables and fish that breach protocols will have to close.

Carter said some establishments had relaxed the use of temperature checks, hand-sanistising and the taking of registers to facilitate contact tracing if it became necessary and this was a breach of the protocols.

He said the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit will be out from tomorrow closely observing the actions of individuals and businesses. Those who do not comply are liable to a fine of $50 000, or a year in prison, or both, he noted.

The czar said that since the country hit a plateau of zero recorded cases, there had been a serious lapse in the approach of residents even though since then, there had been other recorded cases. 

He reminded Barbadians that he had said from the beginning there has always been and continues to be the possibility of asymptomatic people walking around Barbados who could potentially be spreading COVID-19.

A ten–year-old Barbadian boy who arrived on board an Air Canada flight yesterday was the latest case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to be recorded in Barbados, bringing the number of positive cases to 106.

Commercial flights to Barbados resumed on July 12 and since then positive cases of the virus have risen.

A COVID-19 update from the Ministry of Health and Wellness today said there are now 106 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Barbados. Ninety-one people have recovered, eight are in isolation, and seven have died. (KG)

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