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Advisory for boat owners


Advisory for boat owners

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All boat owners are advised to secure their vessels, as a hurricane watch is in effect. 

Tropical Storm Gonzalo is likely to produce storm force sea conditions on approaching Barbados within the next 36 hours.

A Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy advisory today said: “Owners of small craft that can be removed by hand are strongly advised to remove gear and vessels from the water at this time.”

Owners of larger fishing vessels in the water on the South and South West Coast are advised to seek shelter in the harbour of the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex.

The Fisheries Division will be hauling vessels at Conset Bay today, for those vessels that operate there or normally use that site for safety.

The statement said owners of vessels over 25 feet in the north from Half Moon Fort, Six Men’s and Weston, wishing to seek shelter in the Marina at Port St Charles, should contact the marina at 419 -1000 for instructions. 

An adequate number of tyres for fendering and strong rope are required for securing vessels. All boat operators entering Port St Charles must wear face masks. (PR)

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