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Former PM left a gold standard, says UPP


Former PM left a gold standard, says UPP

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The United Progressive Party paid tribute to former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, who passed away on Monday. The statement follows.

“The executive and members of the United Progressive Party extend sincerest condolences to Mrs Julie Arthur, his daughters Sabrina and Leah, the Arthur family, friends, colleagues and Barbadians on the passing of Professor, the Rt. Hon. Owen Seymour Arthur.

“Prime Minister Arthur’s progressive ideology during his three consecutive terms of office transformed every element of Barbadian politics, economics and society. That leadership has both directly and indirectly had a profound positive impact on the lives of a cross section of Barbadians and set the foundation for the transformation of our small island into a modern nation.

“He was always quick to remind all of his humble origins and inspired individuals to shoot for the stars. Your dedication in public life is the gold standard to which future political leaders will be measured. As we reflect on his contributions, legacy and sacrifices, it forever gives us the opportunity to immortalise this steward who has done right by the people.

“Thank you for your exemplary service to our generation. May he rest in peace.” (PR)