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Senators walk out of afternoon session


Senators walk out of afternoon session

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Several senators walked out of this afternoon’s sitting of The Senate after Senator Lisa Cummins was allowed to enter the Chamber.

Cummins was ordered to self-isolate by the Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George, after greeting the Ghanaian nursing party last Thursday. The next day, they recorded nine positive COVID-19 tests .

President Sir Richard Cheltenham had earlier read a letter from George saying Cummins was cleared to join after a negative test.

However, Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn and Independent Senator Monique Taitt both objected, while Senator Cristopher Maynard said he was high-risk and reserved the right to make the decision for himself.

The session was suspended for ten minutes and Cheltenham ruled Cummins was cleared to enter, at which point, several Opposition and Independent senators left the Worthing Corporate Centre.

More details to come. (SAT)