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Improved signage at Courts


Improved signage at Courts

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The Judiciary installed new and attractive signage within the court system with messages that align with the national protocols instituted by Government to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Registrar of the Supreme Court, Barbara Cooke-Alleyne, said the new signage was installed at the Magistrate’s Court and the Supreme Court Complex over the last week.

She said the COVID-19 pandemic had changed the conduct of business at the courts across the island and the new signage signals that the Court was serious about doing so in a safe environment.

In the Supreme Court Complex, there are signs which state the maximum number of persons that can ride in an elevator at a time, the safety protocols, the hand sanitising areas, areas for seating and the required distance for standing, among others.

The Registrar added that the Magistrate’s Courts have signage pointing out where persons can sit and the space requirements between cashiers and the public.

Cooke-Alleyne reminded the public and lawyers that the safety protocols are there to protect them as well as judicial officers and staff.

She thanked the Jurist Reform and Institutional Strengthening Project – a five- year regional judicial reform initiative funded by the Canadian Government – for donating the signs. (BGIS)