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DLP gearing up for next election

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

DLP gearing up for next election


The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is readying itself for the next General Election, and chairman of the St James South branch, Ashton Turney said it will be seen as a viable option. 

“Once the process has started and we hit the road and start putting our programme out there, the party will be seen as a viable alternative at some time. The party will present itself as a political group in the next election,” he said.

The last representative for the branch was former Minister of Commerce and Industry Donville Inniss, who has been convicted on two counts of money laundering in the United States and is awaiting sentencing, scheduled for next year.

“There are persons who have shown interest to represent the party as a candidate for St James South, but the process of selection has not yet commenced,” Turney said.

Turney said St James South had not sent forward any person to be a candidate for the position of president at the annual general conference, which comes off on September 25 to 27. However, former general secretary George Pilgrim has put forward his name to take on president Verla De Peiza for leadership, while general secretary Guyson Mayers will not be seeking re-election. The other candidates will be made known at the start of the annual conference.

“At the annual general meeting of the branch, which was held last July 26, we elected the committee of management for the year 2020-2021 and two branch members, the chairman and vice chairman to serve on the general council, which takes effect after the annual general conference. 

“There was also the nomination of eight members to be elected at the annual general conference to serve as party officers, which include the positions of president, four vice-presidents, treasurer, general secretary, and assistant,” he said.

Additionally, six members have been nominated to be elected at the annual general conference to serve on the general council. 

“We put forward six names for the general council who have been approved at the branch level but now has to be voted for,” he explained. (RA)