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Slate set for DLP elections

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Slate set for DLP elections

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All eyes will be on the George Street Auditorium in Belleville, St Michael, this weekend for the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) 65th annual conference.

And high on the agenda is the election of officers which takes place today and tomorrow. Former DLP general secretary George Pilgrim is opposing incumbent Verla De Peiza for the top post.

The post of vice-president attracted 15 nominees, with some of the old guard back in the national spotlight to vie for position. First vice-president Irene Sandiford-Garner said she would not be seeking re-election.

Among the party structure as of the last annual conference were Sandiford-Garner; Simon Alleyne, second vice-president; Andre Worrell, third vice-president; Nicholas Alleyne, fourth vice-president and general secretary Guyson Mayers.

Worrell is the only standing vice-president who has thrown his hat back in the ring. Those running against him include former Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley, former Minister of Social Transformation Steve Blackett, former Speaker of the House Michael Carrington, former Minister of Environment and Drainage Dr Dennis Lowe, chief executive officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society James Paul, president of the Young Democrats Kemar Stuart, executive council member Ryan Walters, former Minister of Education Ronald Jones and his son Quincey Jones, Shaquani Hunte, Erica Straker, and party treasurer Henderson Williams.

General secretary Mayers also said he would not be seeking re-election. Instead, Pilgrim, Lowe, Stuart, Williams and Damien Griffith will be looking to get the nod.

Meanwhile, Griffith, Ricardo Harrison, three-time DLP candidate for St Joseph Randall Rouse and Barbados Union of Teachers head Pedro Shepherd, will be seeking to be elected as assistant general secretary.

Williams has thrown his hat back in the ring for the post of treasurer. He will go up against Griffith, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxine McClean, Jeff Shepherd, Pedro Shepherd and Walters.

With six positions up for grabs, 31 people are seeking to be elected for the general council. Candidates include Michael Applewhaite, Christopher Alleyne, Steve Alleyne, Sylvia Alleyne, Algernon Atherley, Adrian Bascombe, Ronald Bowen, Clyde Chase, Tennyson Drakes, Sandra Estwick, Sandra Forde, Elizabeth Franklin, Leah Garner-O’Neal, Dwayne Goddard, Trudi Harris, Dale Haynes, Cardinal Highland, Deborah Hinds, Decoursey Hutson, Quincey Jones, Carol Ann Jordan, Preston Lovell, Andrew Moseley, Joyce Padmore, Hartley Reid, Aldeen Scott, Jeff Shepherd, Gordon Simmons, Trevor Waithe, Ryan Walters and Undene Whittaker. (RA)