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‘No exemptions’ for diplomats


‘No exemptions’ for diplomats
Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George (FILE)

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Diplomats entering Barbados from countries deemed medium or high risk are not exempted from taking a second COVID-19 PCR test.

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kenneth George, said today that the protocol requiring that a second test be taken four to five days after passengers arrived with an initial negative test result, applied to everyone without exception.

In a media statement issued through Barbados Government Information Service, George said that there was “absolutely no truth” to allegations in a voice note which circulated on social media this weekend that there had been a reversal in the protocol as it related to the diplomatic community, in response to a protest by an unnamed diplomat about the need for the second test.

“This protocol mandating that a second test be done within four to five days of the first negative test for persons coming in from high and medium risk countries has been put in place by the Ministry of Health and Wellness and can only be amended with the consent of the Chief Medical Officer. No amendment has been requested nor has any been approved by me,” he said. (BGIS/KG)

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