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What Phillips would do for constituency

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What Phillips would do for constituency
Grenville Phillips II. (GP)

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Grenville Phillips II says he wants to make St George North the most prosperous constituency in Barbados.

In a release over the weekend, Phillips, president of Solutions Barbados, outlined some of his plans as he bids to win the seat in a second attempt.

Phillips, who said he was an engineer, author, musician, singer and teacher, contested the seat in 2018, losing to Gline Clarke.

“The people of St George North are in an enviable position, where they have nothing to lose by voting for Solutions Barbados – and everything to gain,” he said.

Among his proposals are:

  • Setting-up a non-profit construction company to participate in Government’s 1 000 affordable houses initiative and to freely train in two weeks all willing unemployed St George North residents.
  • Strengthening the vulnerable roofs of all houses in St George North, for the cost of the labour and materials only.
  • Negotiating with the owners of all dilapidated and unoccupied houses in St George North, to economically repair their houses, and share the rent until the construction cost is repaid.
  • Organising a dedicated St George North road maintenance crew, to properly repair potholes, to save on vehicle repairs.
  • Installing a photovoltaic system on every roof in St George North at cost.

Phillips added that, once elected, he would call for a referendum to measure the public’s support for republic status, same-sex unions, and moving the statue of Nelson.

He also said there would be removal of all taxes on healthy foods, and the end of taxing land, “for which our enslaved foreparents already paid for with their lives’ work. The Government can find something else to tax, but not our land”. (CA)