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Bail for driver on mask charge

Bail for driver on mask charge
ZR driver Haniff Price leaving court after appearing on a charge of failing to adhere to a protocol directive to wear a mask throughout his journey. (AC)

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A ZR driver whose arrest over a face mask was shared on social media, appeared in court on Saturday and was released on bail.

Haniff Ragie Price, 37, pleaded not guilty that on October 9, being the driver of route taxi ZR 446 on Constitution Road, St Michael, a public place, did contravene Paragraph 11, sub-paragraph B of the Emergency Management (COVID-19) Protocol Directive, 2020, to wit, [he] failed to wear a face mask throughout his journey.

Price, of Sayers Court, Christ Church, appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy Sargeant in the Criminal Court No. 2 and was released on $500 personal bail, to appear in Criminal Court No. 1 today.

He was represented by attorney Edward Hunte.

Price’s arrest was caught in a 138-second recording and widely circulated on Friday across social media platforms. (AC)