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Nomination Day: Reifer feeling confident

Nomination Day: Reifer feeling confident
Democratic Labour Party candidate Floyd Reifer (second from right) and his wife Amanda, were accompanied by a lively team on Nomination Day. (Picture by Jameel Springer)

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The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) team was heard long before it and its candidate for the St George North by-election, Floyd Reifer, made it to the nomination centre on Monday.

Accompanied by a music truck and an entourage of around 30 who were playing drums, holding placards and blowing a conch shell, Reifer arrived at the Valley Resource Centre, The Glebe, St George, around 11 a.m. The group walked from the constituency office in Charles Rowe Bridge in the same parish.

Afterwards, Reifer said he felt good about his campaign, thanks in large part to his team.

“I feel very confident. We put in a lot of hard work every day and I want to thank everybody here,” he said to cheers and drum-beating.

“The feedback has been great. I go house to house, but people have been calling me saying, ‘Oh, you ain’t get to me yet’, but the constituency is a big place. I am going to get to everybody. When I go to a neighbourhood, I don’t just go to certain people, I visit everybody,” he said.

Among his group were party stalwarts who had formed part of the previous administration, such as Steve Blackett and Ronald Jones, as well as party supporters Simon Alleyne and Colin Spencer and campaign manager George Pilgrim.

Reifer was accompanied by his wife Amanda, who was the first proposer, as well as his uncle Herbert Reifer, the second proposer. The witnesses were secretary of the DLP St George North branch, Michael Williams, and supporter Alinda Waithe.

Party leader Verla De Peiza said they were playing things close to the chest now the nomination process was over but would continue engaging with the people of St George North.

“We are ramping up our campaign effective immediately, now that we are officially a part of this by-election. We don’t want to let all our secrets out, because we recognise certain trends, but you will see we will be escalating our presence in St George North from this point going forward,” she said. (CA)