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House, Senate going partially virtual

House, Senate going partially virtual
Worthing Corporate Centre. (FILE)

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Sittings of the House of Assembly and the Senate are going partially virtual.

Under a proclamation from Governor General Dame Sandra Mason, read by Speaker of the House Arthur Holder at yesterday’s sitting, some Members of Parliament may elect to attend virtually and others in person in accordance with social distancing protocols.

However, it did not sit well with Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley, who contended that the House should be treated to the courtesy of a debate on the matter.

“It seems to me those regulations which would amend the Standing Orders should be brought here first. The Parliament should discuss and vote on them and then later on perhaps a proclamation from Her Excellency,” he said.

However, Attorney General Dale Marshall pointed out that under the legislation that governed Parliament, “such matters are under the preserve of the Governor General”. (GC)