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Central Bank launches ‘glowing’ coin for essential workers

Central Bank launches ‘glowing’ coin for essential workers

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The Central Bank of Barbados unveiled a limited-edition glow-in-the-dark circulation coin that is being issued as a tribute to Barbados’ essential workers. The one-dollar coin, on which the flying fish and waves are now painted blue, will go into circulation from December 1.

During a virtual event to launch the coin on Thursday night, Governor Cleviston Haynes praised those Barbadians of all sectors who continued to work as usual during the nationwide curfew.

“While we were under lockdown, they were on the frontlines keeping us healthy, keeping us safe. They made sure there was food available, that we could access the money we needed to purchase it, that our island was clean, that the public was updated… that all the services we needed that could not be facilitated remotely continued efficiently so Barbados could continue to function,” he said.

The Governor said that while the coins were not produced specifically for this purpose, the Bank nevertheless considered it a fitting way to honour essential workers.

Central Bank launches ‘glowing’ coin for essential workersPrime Minister Mia Amor Mottley echoed the Governor’s sentiments as she commended the Central Bank for using the coin to pay tribute to them.

“When COVID-19 put paid to “We Gatherin’”, the Central Bank quickly recognised that there was a different category of Barbadian, who by their diligence and sacrifice since the year opened, would now be even more deserving of that coin than anyone who might have been targeted in the original plans. I speak of our frontline workers.”

In a video unveiling the coin, the Bank’s Deputy Director of Currency, Octavia Gibson, revealed that the Central Bank of Barbados is the first in the region to issue a painted, glow-in-the-dark coin.

“When you go to the supermarket, the bank, wherever you go and you’re getting change, you will see the one dollar painted coin in your change.”

While most of the coins will be put into circulation, the Bank has specially packaged some of them, which will be distributed to essential workers from different sectors. Meanwhile, the public can get their own glow-in-the-dark coins when they go into circulation on December 1. Gibson urged everyone to keep a coin as a fitting tribute to the many Barbadians who served during the peak of the crisis. (PR)