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Humanitarian Award for essential workers

Humanitarian Award for essential workers
Sanitation Service Authority employees joined the salute to essential workers back in April. (FILE)

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Cabinet has agreed that frontline workers should be recognised for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic and will honour them with a new national award called the Humanitarian Service Award.

It will be granted for meritorious humanitarian service to the nation, acknowledging the dedication of those workers who provide essential and critical services to protect the lives of others during the global pandemic.  These frontline heroes include Ministry of Health and Wellness officials, nurses, doctors, military and paramilitary personnel as well as other persons who would have made a direct contribution.

Barbadian citizens or residents are eligible to receive the award.  However, non-Barbadians would be eligible to receive an honorary award.  The honour will be given in the form of a lapel pin or a medal.

The inaugural conferment of this decoration was intended to take place on Independence Day this year.  However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme of activities to mark Barbados’ 54th year of nationhood had to be scaled down.  As a result, the ceremony for the presentation of the Humanitarian Service Award will be held in January 2021. (BGIS)