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Mottley: New Immigration Bill coming


Mottley: New Immigration Bill coming
Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. (FILE)

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People living under the Welcome Stamp Programme were told that they are Bajans by choice, and Barbados is one of the best places to live.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley made this announcement during the Welcome Stamp Reception at Ilaro Court, this week. Mottley told those gathered that they can be Bajan by birth, marriage, descent, or choice, and that “Bajans by choice tend to have the most passion, and we need a lot of passion now”.

In speaking to some of those approved under the programme, and living here since August, Mottley said the 12-month programme was conceptualised in July, after recognising that between March and the end of June, that short-term travel was going to be problematic.

In  a statement issued by Barbados Government Information Service, she said the priority in implementing the programme was to “put safety first, and then work everything else around that, so safe people, doing safe work in a safe country”.

This, Mottley said, is the guiding principle by which Government is managing the pandemic.

“We live confident that 100 years ago, before there was all of the technology that we see now, that the world was able to fight off the Spanish flu, within two years.

“It must stand to reason that with the greater improvements in technology, and hopefully with a level of global leadership which is critical, that we will begin to put behind us, this most disruptive event,” she said.

The Prime Minister encouraged those in attendance to use the opportunity while living here to build bridges, and reach out to individuals “to see how best you can make a difference not just to Barbados, but to your own lives and to the world in which we live”.

Mottley said that in Barbados people, education, health care and safety were valued.

She assured patrons that they, along with their children and extended family, would come to love Barbados and all that it valued.

Mottley said that early next year Barbados would have a new Immigration Bill.

“I hope that some of you will look at the Immigration Bill when it passes, as a promising opportunity for yourselves to continue to want to live here and persons with whom you do business,” she added. (BGIS)