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UK-EU post-Brexit deal to be signed Wednesday


UK-EU post-Brexit deal to be signed Wednesday
Ursula von der Leyen (left) and Boris Johnson. (BBC)

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London – The UK-EU post-Brexit trade deal will be signed in Brussels on Wednesday by EU chiefs – before being flown to London for Boris Johnson to sign.

Downing Street said an RAF plane will transport the international treaty, accompanied by UK and EU officials.

It will come a day before the UK severs ties with the 27 nation organisation.

The UK Parliament is being recalled to vote on the agreement, which sets the rules for a new trade and security relationship between the UK and EU.

The deal was agreed in Brussels on Christmas Eve, following nine months of negotiations.

The European Parliament has begun its scrutiny of the agreement but will not get a chance to ratify it before the UK leaves the EU single market and customs union at midnight on Thursday.

The deal has, however, been given the unanimous backing of ambassadors from the 27 nations and the member states were set to give their written approval on Tuesday.

That paves the way for European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel to sign the treaty on Wednesday morning in Brussels.

Both houses of the UK Parliament are set to vote on a bill putting the agreement into UK law on Wednesday.

MPs are set to debate the EU (future relationships) Bill for five hours, before a vote.

It is expected to clear the Commons with the backing of the opposition Labour Party, although some Labour MPs – and all the other opposition parties – are planning to vote against it or abstain.

It will then move on to the Lords, which is also expected to back it, before receiving Royal Assent. (BBC)