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Bradshaw: Wear your masks!

Bradshaw: Wear your masks!
Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw. (Picture by Reco Moore) 

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Encourage your children and wards to wear masks correctly to and from school, Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw told parents and guardians.

She said children were complying with the wearing of masks – which health officials say protect against the spread of COVID-19 – during school hours, but the Ministry received several complaints about improper wear on the buses and on the road, especially among secondary children.

“It is important that as parents you remind students of this pandemic and the dangers of the pandemic and impress on them the need to wear the masks,” Bradshaw said during a media conference at the Elsie Payne Complex on Wednesday to provide an update on the 2020/21 Hilary school term.

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She said the Ministry of Education did not place monitors in the secondary schools because it was felt those children would be more responsible.

“In fairness, I think, many of us from time to time do drop our guard. But we have to in this environment, particularly in an environment where we are seeing so many things happening around us, we have to remind each other and to remind our students, not to drop the ball.

“We have been safe so far because we have basically held each other together and reminded each other to be able to sanitise and keep the physical distance and to wear the mask.”

She said it was important for all students to comply with the COVID-19 protocols so the school environment was safe for all.

Meanwhile, Bradshaw said the space between desks is to be three feet and in those nurseries where they were six feet, the adjustments would be made so the younger children could have some level of engagement. (SAT)